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Ongakushu 7

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Artbooks :

I am also the proud owner of the 3 Saint Seiya Artbooks. I'm talking about the 3 Jump Gold Selection Magazines. #1 came out in 13 July 1988, #2 in 9 November 1988 and #3 in 19 April 1989. They all contain exclusive pictures, interviews and all the information you'll ever need about this fantastic anime.

Miscellaneous :

Here are some pictures from a promotional pamflet from the Saint Seiya movie :

Shita's :

Here you see the Shita's I have... not much huh ;) but you can find a full list of all the available Shita's on Stayka's Site.

1286 front 1286 back 0987-S front 0987-S back
1187-B front 1187-B back 0288-A front 0288-A back